Improper Loading of Commercial Trucks

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The proper loading of cargo is a key part of commercial truck safety. If a truck is overloaded or the load is not properly balanced or secure, the consequences may be disastrous. At Stern Law Group, our McAllen truck accident attorneys are familiar with loading negligence and other issues that can cause traffic accidents with commercial trucks. We represent individuals and families who have been injured or have lost spouses, children or other loved ones in these collisions. If you want to discuss your options and how you can seek justice after a truck accident anywhere in the McAllen area of Texas, please do not hesitate to call our firm. We offer a free initial consultation to help you get started.

Unbalanced and Unsecure Truck Loads

Unbalanced and unsecure truck loads pose a real problem for truck drivers and for motorists, motorcyclists, pedestrians and any others on the road. Let us take a look at the hazards presented by these individual problems:

Unbalanced Load
A truck's cargo should be properly balanced to maximize stability and maneuverability. Both solid and liquid cargo need to be balanced and secured so a truck driver can properly maneuver the vehicle. A fully-loaded big rig may weigh up to 80,000 pounds and could be carrying heavy or hazardous cargo. If its load is unbalanced to start or shifts during transit, a serious accident could occur.

Unsecure Load
As it is, a tractor-trailer is a formidable sight on the road. As you drive behind such a vehicle or overtake it on the side, one of the most frightening possibilities is part of its load coming loose and striking your vehicle. Depending on the object, your vehicle could sustain considerable damage and you could find yourself involved in a rollover accident or completely stopped on the highway. Commercial trucks can carry furniture, boxes, metal rebar, lumber, heavy equipment and even cars. An unsecure load on a commercial vehicle is a real danger.

Overloaded Trucks

State and federal regulations limit the amount of weight a truck can bear depending on the number of axles, the road and other factors. In addition to that, there is an amount of weight that a certain type of truck can safely bear. If a truck is overloaded, this can make it far more difficult for a truck driver to maneuver the vehicle. Even a slight curve that should have been easily handled may present a challenge, and a greater weight will place more pressure on brakes, suspension and other truck systems and parts. It also takes an overloaded truck more time to slow down and stop completely, which may prevent a truck driver from avoiding an accident.

Trucking and loading companies have an obligation to comply with regulations when it comes to loading commercial trucks. If their negligence or wrongdoing caused a truck accident, a victim may be able to take legal action to seek compensation.

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