McAllen Slip & Fall Accident Lawyer

Slip and fall accidents may not seem like a significant issue, but a fair percentage of personal injury claims involve victims who were injured because they slipped or fell on another's property. Any facility, business, or property that is open to the public, visitors or guests is required to ensure that they provide safe and healthy conditions. For example, the following conditions can cause slip and fall accidents and can also result in a property owner's liability to compensate injured victims:

  • Unsafe curbs or stairs
  • Uneven floors, sidewalks or walkways
  • Insufficient lighting
  • Wet and slippery floors
  • Holes or open gaps
  • Failure to warn others about unsafe conditions

Property owners and landowners are required by law to keep their premises free from preventable harm. When they fail to do so by neglecting to fix unsafe conditions or by failing to warn their guests and visitors of potential dangers, they can be held accountable for an accident and injury.

Premises Liability Claims

When slip and fall accidents and injuries occur on another person's property, victims can file claims on the basis of premises liability law. In order for premises liability to apply to accidents that occur on another's property, the following elements must be met:

  • A defendant is the owner of a property, business or premises
  • You were an invitee, guest, visitor or public patron
  • There is proof of negligence or some other wrongful act

Successful claims depend on establishing negligence. In many cases, this can be done by presenting evidence of the unsafe condition that caused your accident along with proof that the premises owner knew, or should have known, about the condition. There can also be instances when the failure to reasonably warn guests or visitors of potential hazards is sufficient grounds for liability. In any case, our McAllen personal injury lawyers can evaluate your case on a personal basis to determine your best and strongest approach.

Fighting Against Unfair Compensation

Premises owners will do whatever it takes to avoid allegations of negligence as they want to pay as little as possible and preserve their public image and reputation. Stern Law Group has handled numerous premises liability and slip and fall cases throughout the years, and we have the legal knowledge and aggressive determination to attempt to bring your case to a favorable resolution. With more than $1 billion secured in settlements & verdicts on behalf of our clients, you can be confident that our firm fights to win.