McAllen Railroad Accident Lawyer

Located in the heart of the American South, Texas is a hub for the railroad industry. Connecting numerous stations and cities throughout the country, hundreds of stations and thousands of miles of railroad track run throughout the state. Inevitably, railroad accidents occur, most of which happen at railroad crossing intersections with motor vehicles. Whether you've been involved in a train accident or a car accident at a railroad intersection, Stern Law Group is prepared to handle your case and assist you with filing a successful personal injury claim.

Causes of Train Accidents

Depending on the type of railroad incident you were involved in, there may be several potential factors that caused the accident. Common causes of railroad accidents include:

  • Conductor error or negligence
  • Railroad track malfunction
  • Equipment defects
  • Improperly functioning road traffic signals
  • Poorly maintained tracks, signs and crossing gates
  • Train derailments

The Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) is the government agency responsible for regulating health and safety requirements. They oversee conductor regulations, the regular upkeep and maintenance of tracks and trains, and the road traffic signs and signals at railroad intersections. Any errors, flaws or defects in these elements can be sufficient cause for a train company's liability to compensate injured victims for the damages they suffered in an accident. In order to closely analyze the circumstances involved in your accident, our firm advises you to bring your case to the attention of one of our McAllen personal injury attorneys as soon as possible.

Injury Attorneys Fighting for Railroad Accident Victims

When you need aggressive advocates on your side who are willing to challenge large railroad companies and the regulatory agencies responsible for public safety, you need to work with Stern Law Group. Having served more than 30,000 clients, our legal team has accumulated hands-on experience with railroad accidents, including cases involving injured drivers and passengers of motor vehicles. If you or a loved one has been injured in any type of railroad- or train-related incident, contact Stern Law Group today.