Recovering Fair Compensation

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If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, you may be left dealing with astronomical medical bills, a good deal of lost earnings and other financial losses. This can make it that much more difficult to rebuild your life and move on. Through an insurance claim and/or lawsuit, however, you have the opportunity to recover money from the driver or other party that caused your accident. This is referred to as financial compensation, and the amount you receive will have a direct impact on your ability to provide for yourself and your family in the aftermath of a crash.

A McAllen motorcycle accident lawyer at Stern Law Group can help you seek and recover fair compensation, if you were injured or lost a loved one in a motorcycle collision. We know how to deal with insurance providers and their attorneys to negotiate or litigate our way to the best possible case result for every client we represent. Some motorcycle injuries, such as those to the brain or spinal cord, may not only require immediate medical care and multiple surgeries but may require ongoing treatment and rehabilitation, sometimes for the rest of a rider's life. Our attorneys know how to accurately determine the worth of a client's claim to then pursue maximum compensation to help with all of their medical bills, lost wages and other losses.

About Financial Compensation

Financial compensation, also referred to as monetary damages, is money paid to a motorcycle accident victim (or the family of a deceased victim) by the party or parties responsible for causing the collision and therefore the victim's injuries. The amount and type of compensation to which a victim is entitled will vary depending on a number of factors, including the severity of the accident and the victim's injuries, medical costs, the need for ongoing medical care, lost earnings, loss of future earnings and any other impact the victim's injuries have had and will have on a physical, emotional and financial level.

8 in 10 motorcyclists will be injured in an accident, and about 6 in 10 riders will sustain serious injuries (according to Texas motorcycle accident statistics from 2012, as presented by the Texas Department of Transportation). Unfortunately, many riders may find that they are offered unfairly low insurance settlements or will find that their claims are unnecessarily delayed. This can happen when insurance companies are more interested in profits than in paying out valid claims. When it does, having a competent attorney to represent your interests can make a significant difference.

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Recovering fair compensation depends on a few key items. The cause of the accident must be investigated and proven to establish liability, or legal responsibility, for the victim's injuries. This includes identifying any and all at-fault parties in the incident. The extent of the victim's injuries must be fully evaluated and understood. At our McAllen law firm, we work with expert witnesses in medicine, psychology, economics and accident reconstruction to build strong cases that support our claim of liability as well as the worth of a client's case. To bring it all together, we present our clients cases in out-of-court negotiations or courtroom litigation with the level of professionalism and aggressive approach they require.

Interested in discussing your case and the compensation to which you may be entitled? Your initial consultation with a legal professional at our firm is free and strictly confidential. We will be happy to answer your questions so you can make the right choices about your case. Contact a McAllen motorcycle accident attorney today.