Motorcycle Accident Investigations

Attorney for McAllen Motorcycle Accident Claims & Lawsuits

Understanding the sequence of events that led up to a motorcycle accident can make all the difference in a resulting claim or lawsuit. What caused the accident? Was the motorcyclist to blame, or did the other driver cause the collision? Was there another factor, such as a faulty motorcycle part, that was behind the accident? These and many other questions can be answered during a thorough investigation, based on physical evidence, police reports and witness accounts, providing the foundation for a victim's case as he or she seeks justice against the party or parties responsible for the accident.

In representing riders who have been injured in motorcycle accidents, we at Stern Law Group place a good deal of importance on gathering all the facts to present as strong of a case as possible. Far too often, riders are blamed by witnesses or others at the scene, not because they were to blame but because of the reckless or dangerous image sometimes associated with motorcyclists. With a McAllen motorcycle accident attorney from our firm by your side, you can focus your energy on healing, recovering and rebuilding while we investigate every aspect of the accident. You can rest assured that you will not be wrongfully blamed for a crash you did not cause.

Part of our investigation may involve working with professionals in accident reconstruction, who may use computer software, drawings or models to recreate the accident itself and the specific events that led to its occurrence. This can prove a powerful tool in proving fault and therefore liability, which will in turn open the door to the recovery of maximum financial compensation for the injured rider. Motorcycle accident reconstruction may also reveal scenarios that were previously not considered, and this can help our team to more accurately identify any and all contributing factors to the accident.

Your Role in an Investigation

As the victim of a motorcycle accident, you may prove to be one of the most important sources of information during our investigation. You have firsthand knowledge of the circumstances that led to the collision and can offer insight that no one else can. The details you remember may help us in our investigation as we seek out specific evidence, such as tire markings or impact points on vehicles, which can help determine and prove the accident's cause. As mentioned on the page "After a Motorcycle Accident," there are specific steps you can take after an accident to record and preserve evidence. This can help our investigation and the overall strength of your case.

Call a McAllen Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

With more than 150 years of combined experience and more than 30,000 clients represented through our years in practice, we at Stern Law Group are prepared to take on even the most complex motorcycle accident investigations as we pursue justice for the injured. It all starts with a free case review with one of our legal professionals. During an initial consultation, we can get an idea of what happened, can answer your questions and can provide insight that will help you make informed choices about your legal options and how to proceed with a claim or lawsuit.

If the cause of your accident is being disputed, your claim has been mishandled or you are otherwise looking for legal counsel in the wake of a motorcycle accident, look no further. An investigation can reveal just what occurred to ensure justice is served. Contact a McAllen motorcycle accident lawyer at our firm for competent, dedicated counsel.