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At Stern Law Group, we have worked with more than 40,000 clients throughout our years of practice, many of whom were maritime workers along the Gulf Coast. Our firm's hands-on experience in assisting injured workers with personal injury claims has allowed our attorneys to accumulate a solid grasp of the federal laws and regulations that establish the rights of seamen and other offshore workers.

Highly familiar with the Jones Act — the federal legislation that allows injured maritime workers to seek compensation from negligent employers — our firm can quickly and effectively evaluate your claim, determine the best approach to the case, and work aggressively to obtain the maximum compensation possible. If your case also involves additional circumstances, including unseaworthy vessels or an employer's failure to provide adequate medical treatment, then you can be confident that our legal team will thoroughly investigate and successfully resolve the issues.

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With the assistance of Stern Law Group, you can better understand your rights as an offshore worker and the ways in which you may be able to obtain monetary compensation for your injuries.

If you need experienced and knowledgeable attorneys who know how to protect the rights of injured maritime workers, then you need Stern Law Group. Contact our firm today.