Personal Injury Attorney in McAllen, TX

Have you or a loved one been injured in an accident? If so, then you need aggressive legal representation that fights to win. By filing a personal injury claim with the assistance and support of our talented legal team, you can obtain compensation for the physical, emotional and financial damages you suffered. Do not allow yourself to believe that you can undertake this complex legal process alone and do not let yourself be unfairly compensated by insurance companies. Instead, rely on the experience of our team of McAllen personal injury attorneys.

Cases We Handle

With more than 150 years of combined experience and more than $1 billion secured in verdicts and settlements on behalf or our clients, Stern Law Group will fight for your right to fair compensation. Our legal services are available for a variety of accidents, injuries and cases, including:

Car Accidents
Victims injured in car accidents caused by the negligence of another driver have the right to file personal injury claims and seek compensation. These claims will be filed against a driver's insurance provider and are prone to heated debate. In fact, many victims who file claims without legal representation go unfairly compensated by insurance companies who aim to pay as little as possible.

Truck Accidents
Massive machines such as 18-wheelers, also known as semi -trucks and tractor trailers, have become a common sight on American roadways. When they are involved in accidents, the results and injuries can be devastating. In order to file successful truck accident claims, victims must focus on the negligence of truck drivers and trucking companies and their failures to meet federal regulations.

Motorcycle Accidents
With little protection, motorcycle riders tend to suffer the most serious injuries of all roadway accident victims. Injured riders also face several unique difficulties when filing personal injury claims, including insurance companies' use of rider stereotypes to shift blame away from their drivers and unfairly compensate injured victims.

Drunk Driving Accidents
Although America has stepped up the enforcement, prosecution and penalization of drunk drivers, many impaired people still continue to get behind the wheel. When they cause accidents that result in injuries, they can be held fully liable to compensate victims, as well as subject to harsh criminal penalties.

Boating Accidents
Texas boasts numerous lakes and beaches that make boating and water sports a popular and widespread form of recreation. Negligent boat operators — a fair amount of whom are drunk boaters — can cause accidents that result in serious injuries. When these boating accidents happen, victims can file personal injury claims.

Bus Accidents
Bus drivers and companies are held to higher standards of safety and care than drivers of other motor vehicles. Accidents involving passenger carrier automobiles require thorough investigations to determine the extent of liability. Once liability can be established, injured passengers can obtain compensation.

Railroad Accidents

As a hub in the heart of the South, Texas is crisscrossed by thousands of miles of railroad track. Victims who have been injured in a train accident or in a motor vehicle incident at a railroad intersection or crossing may be eligible to receive compensation.

Slip & Fall Incidents
Premises liability is an area of law that requires property owners to ensure that they provide safe and healthy conditions for their visitors and guests. When they fail to do so, injury-causing accidents can result. The most common premises liability accidents involve slips and falls that are caused by unsafe conditions.

Pool Accidents
There are a variety of causes of pool accidents, including a lack of supervision or lifeguards, defective drains and pool equipment, and unmarked or poorly marked depth signs. Depending on the circumstances involved, victims injured in pool accidents can file claims against a responsible party that can enable them to obtain compensation.

Dog Bites
Victims injured by dog bites or attacks can file personal injury claims against a dog's owner. These cases can be difficult as they depend on proving the negligence of a dog owner to keep others safe and free from preventable harm.

Bed Bug Cases
Infestations of bed bugs in hotels, motels, apartments, and other facilities can cause physical injuries and serious psychological damage and distress. Victims have the right to seek compensation by filing personal injury claims.

Maritime Injuries
Located on the Gulf Coast, Texas is a hotspot for the maritime industry, including numerous jobs in the offshore oil field. Workers injured offshore are protected by specific federal legislation that allows them to file claims against negligent employers.

Dangerous Drugs
Pharmaceutical companies provide an amazing and thoroughly beneficial service that allows consumers to improve their quality of life. Unfortunately, the industry is also plagued by stiff competition that causes many companies to push unsafe medications, drugs and other supplements out onto the market. Victims injured by dangerous drugs have the right to seek compensation.

Product Liability Cases
Product liability is an area of law that holds companies, manufacturers and retailers responsible for products that injure consumers. Whether consumers are injured by design flaws, manufacturing defects or product recalls, they can file claims against companies that can allow them to receive compensation.

Sexual Abuse Cases
As criminal proceedings for sexual abuse cases do not award compensation, victims must pursue civil actions in order to recover damages. These cases are extremely serious, emotionally turbulent, and must be deftly handled by skilled attorneys.

Do Not Wait Until it Is Too Late

All injured victims and their families should be aware that personal injury claims depend on quick action. This is why Stern Law Group advises you to bring your case to the attention of our firm as soon as possible after your accident so that you can build a strong and successful claim. You can be confident that our legal team will provide you with our full commitment and will do whatever it takes to win. Contact Stern Law Group today.