Millions of Dollars in Verdicts & Settlements

Depending on the circumstances involved in your accident, your case may either be resolved in a court trial with a verdict by jury or in an out-of-court negotiation known as a settlement. When choosing legal representation during your personal injury claim, you need to be confident that your attorney has the versatility to handle your case in a variety of legal arenas. At Stern Law Group, this is exactly what you will get. Be it in the office, the courtroom, or at the settlement table, you can be confident that our legal team of McAllen personal injury lawyers knows how to fight to win. In fact, we have used our abilities to successfully recover more than $700 million in both verdicts and settlements for the injured clients we represent.

At the Settlement Table

Personal injury claims can be resolved before, during or after your formal legal process begins. Known as a settlement, this resolution is reached when two disputing parties negotiate an agreement with which they can both be satisfied. Having tough litigators on your side who know the intricacies of hammering out settlement offers and resolutions can be a great benefit to your case. As many companies want to avoid lengthy and costly cases that they believe they might lose, they routinely agree to fully and fairly compensate victims rather than go to trial.

We also find that our reputation as tough trial lawyers comes into play during settlement negotiations. When companies are aware that we fight aggressively for our clients, they are much more willing to settle outside of court rather than go up against our legal team at trial. With these tools, our firm has been able to consistently deliver successful settlements to our clients, including the recovery of more than $500 million in compensation at the settlement table alone.

Compensation by Verdicts

Some insurance companies and large corporations may intensely defend against personal injury claims. Whether it is because the case is high profile, high stakes or because they feel they can win, a contested claim may result in a formal trial by jury. When this happens, you can rest assured that Stern Law Group knows how to fight aggressively and intelligently in the courtroom. In fact, our legal skills, more than 150 years of combined experience, and commitment to clients have allowed us to accumulate a consistent record of success when we take cases to trial.

Well-Rounded Legal Representation

No matter what your case may bring, Stern Law Group will do whatever it takes to win. As we evaluate each claim individually, we will determine your available options, look for the best approach and delve immediately and vigorously into building the strongest case possible. If your case can be settled fully and fairly outside of the court, our firm will make it happen. If your claim is contested and your best chances for fair compensation rest on the fate of a jury trial, our firm will fight for your successful resolution. Contact Stern Law Group today.

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