Crashworthiness Concerns & Car Accidents

A McAllen Car Accident Lawyer Can Pursue All Avenues of Compensation

In some cases, a vehicle may be poorly designed or may have a manufacturing defect that detracts from its overall crashworthiness in an accident. An occupant may therefore experience far greater injuries than would have been sustained if the vehicle had been properly designed and manufactured. When this occurs, the auto manufacturer or other party responsible for the vehicle's condition may be held liable. A personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit, usually as a product liability case, may be filed against the at-fault company, enabling the victim to seek justice for his or her injuries or loss.

If you were injured in an auto accident in the McAllen area, and you believe that your vehicle did not offer sufficient protection in the collision, one of our attorneys can review your case. Even if crashworthiness is not a concern of yours at this point in time, an investigation may yield information that indicates that it may have been poorly designed or defective – thus allowing you to experience catastrophic injuries. Our car accident attorneys are familiar with this complex issue and have the resources to go up against large manufacturers, dealerships and other corporations in the pursuit of justice.

How Crashworthiness Affects Car Accident Injuries

Crashworthiness can be defined as a motor vehicle's ability to protect its occupants in the event of a collision. A number of unique issues are involved when it comes to a vehicle's overall crashworthiness, including the type of vehicle and its design, what safety equipment (airbags, seatbelts, etc.) is present and even the type of energy (gasoline versus electricity) used to power the vehicle. This is an important subject to consider when it comes to car accidents and the injuries that drivers and passengers of these vehicles automobiles sustain.

Any car accident may cause serious injuries, depending on the force of impact, the location of impact, the size of the vehicles involved and a number of other factors. If a vehicle is poorly designed or manufactured, however, a victim may experience injuries that could have otherwise been avoided. An example may be an SUV that has a too-high center of gravity, causing it to roll over even in a minor collision. Another example may be an airbag that does not deploy in a collision because it has a manufacturing defect. Yet another example may be a car with a roof that cannot hold up in a rollover accident, caving in on its occupants.

In any of the above situations, a vehicle occupant may sustain a considerable amount of physical trauma in the form of crush injuries, traumatic brain injuries, head trauma, internal organ damage and spinal cord injuries. A collision that may have caused minor whiplash in a crashworthy vehicle may cause debilitating injuries in a poorly designed vehicle.

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