Jeffrey M. Stern

Jeffrey M.  Stern
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    After 30,000 clients and 30 years of practicing law, Jeff is more passionate than ever about life and helping people. No matter what the cause is, he is there, whether assisting people that have been hurt, injured, taken advantage of or just a friend to talk to.

    Jeff graduated with an accounting degree, but upon graduation he felt something was lacking, so he went to law school and graduated from South Texas College of Law in 1982. What was missing was the passion of helping people. Since then, he has helped many clients from every walk of life throughout the world. He has handled almost every case imaginable, ranging from bed bug bites to catastrophic injury and death cases.

    He has now put together a team of warriors at the Stern Law Group, to help fight for equality and justice for those that can't. No matter what the cause is or how big the opponent, the Stern Law Group has the capital and resources to take on any wrong doer.

    When Jeff is not engaged in battle on behalf of his clients, he spends time pursuing his other loves, which are his beautiful children and his wife of 21 years. Jeff is very active at the kid's schools as well as many other civic and charitable organizations. Two of his biggest civic commitments are the Aishel house, which is a non-profit organization that provides housing and other support to patients and their families who are being treated at the Texas Medical Center. The other is contributing and participating in alumni affairs at South Texas College of Law.

    Jeff is a supporting member of the State Bar of Texas as well as many other legal organizations in addition to being a proud member of LULAC, South Texas College of Law Senior Fellows Society, NAACP, United Farm Workers of America and the Green Bay Packer Fan Club.

  • Professional Memberships

    Professional Memberships

    • State Bar of Texas
    • League of United Latin American Citizens
    • South Texas College of Law Senior Fellows Society
    • NAACP
    • United Farm Workers of America