The Stern Law Group Difference

Find out what sets our attorneys apart from the rest!

Our legal team at Stern Law Group is 100% committed to meeting the needs of our clients. Whether it be providing swift case resolutions, full and fair compensation, or relief from the immediate struggles they face while their case is pending, our firm has improved the lives of thousands of injured residents of McAllen and the surrounding areas throughout Texas. With more than 30,000 clients served, it is clear that we know how to make a real difference.

Swift Case Resolutions
Our 150 years of combined legal practice and the skills and knowledge we have accumulated along the way have allowed us to consistently deliver the results our clients and their families need. Our intimate familiarity with the personal injury claim process, the ways insurance companies handle claims and the procedures that can expedite cases enables us to swiftly bring claims to a resolution. This gives victims and their families the chance to focus on recovering from their injuries, as well as the financial means to do so. It also provides them with a sense of closure and satisfaction that they can now put these difficult times behind them.

Full and Fair Compensation
Our endgame is to obtain the maximum compensation possible. In order to achieve this objective, our legal team has become skilled both inside and outside of the courtroom. In fact, we have recovered hundreds of millions of dollars in both verdicts and settlements, including a successful recovery of more than $500 million in settlements alone. This ultimately allows our clients to recover their damages, pay for their medical treatment, and relieve much of their financial worries.

Support During Cases
A distinguishing aspect of our practice is that we are very passionate about the needs of our clients. While we work toward successful resolutions and maximum compensation, we cannot deny the fact that the process can be lengthy and that our clients have immediate needs that cannot be ignored. This is why we provide support and assistance for the medical, financial, rental car, and housing needs of our clients while their claim is pending, including any other necessary living expenses.

Work with Our Legal Team

Throughout our years of practice, we have made a genuine difference in the lives of the injured victims and families we represent and we routinely hear back from past satisfied clients. At Stern Law Group, we do whatever it takes to win and help clients through whatever it is they need. If you would like to learn more, or if you would like to discuss your case with a McAllen personal injury lawyer, contact our firm today.